Clément Barral is a film and theatre composer. He mixes electronic and organic instruments to craft unique musical universes.






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The Whole World Blind

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Je suis Espagnole

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Sin Razón

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About me

Clément is a media composer specializing in theatre and film. He started composing for short films in 2015 and is also active in several bands. He started the violin at the age of five, before picking up the guitar later on.

Given his background as a musician, he likes to incorporate a performative element to his composition for theatre and considers the stage an important creative playground of the theatrical piece – although he can also work from the regie. Clément uses a collection of old sound devices, from reel to reel tape to old samplers, in order to achieve unusual sonorities.

He is also experienced in composition for video games and VR projects.
His compositional style starts by improvising and experimenting in order to set the tone and then to tailor his music to the project, working closely with the director and editor when appropriate. He is truly passionate about crafting sounds until they reach rich and interesting textures.

Being used to performing on stage, his approach to theatre is very performance related: he enjoys being part of a team. He likes to work closely with sound designers and other composers when possible. Collaboration is an amazing way to explore new musical grounds.

His music was featured at several festivals. From Canne’s Short Film Corner in 2017 (Traces, Eddy Juillerat) to Solothurn in 2022 (Pas de deux, Elie Aufseesser, Opera Prima Prize). More recently, he composed music for the short film The Whole World Blind (Finbar Somers & Seán Mackey) which premiered in Hollywood at the HollyShorts Film Festival in 2023 and then was screened at several UK film festivals including Norwich and Worcester (Best Midlands Film).