Clément is a media composer specializing in theatre and film. He started composing for short films in 2015 and is also active in several bands.

Given his background as a musician, he likes to incorporate a performative element to his composition for theatre and considers the stage an important creative playground of the theatrical piece – although he can also work from the regie. Clément uses a collection of old sound devices, from reel to reel tape to old samplers, in order to achieve unusual sonorities.

He is also experienced in composition for video games and VR projects.
His compositional style starts by improvising and experimenting in order to set the tone and then to tailor his music to the project, working closely with the director and editor when appropriate.

Being used to performing on stage, his approach to theatre is very performance related, although he can easily work from a regie as well. He likes to collaborate with sound designers and other composers when possible.


The Whole World Blind (Or: The Ballad of the Cuck And The Eunuch) (2023)

A film by Finbar Somers & Seán Mackey

After witnessing his wife’s illicit affair, a humiliated businessman flees deep into the countryside where he encounters a reclusive war veteran. Together, they strike a maniacal pact to take revenge on the man who cucked him.
The Whole World Blind (or: The Ballad of The Cuck and The Eunuch) is a short neo-noir-cum-absurdist-comedy that explores toxic masculinity, betrayal and companionship.
For this film, I had the privilege to work with great artists such as singer Hiba Tahhan, cellist and composer Simon Joss, as well as Sylvain Wenger and Pablo Jókay. I also could work closely with the brillant sound designer, Katharina Pfennich.
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Sin Razón (2022)

A film by Vanessa Blättler Alcaide

Frida is visited by her boyfriend Nio in the clinic.
Exhausted by her questions, he shows no understanding for her situation. As Nio loses his temper, Frida becomes aware of her toxic relationship and wants to break away from it. Her friends try to keep her distracted. Frida escapes into the nightlife and lets herself float. In her curiosity, she comes across a darkroom whose seductions she resists. Following her inner voice, she finds her way to her friends. This leads her to a girlfriend with whom she finds affection and a sense of belonging. Now she is truly ready to face her past. 

pas de deux (2022)

a film directed by Elie Aufseesser

pas de deux follows Jon as he moves to New York City for his studies by integrating Columbia University’s elite diving team while Peter, his older brother, wanders the Jordanian desert sick and unsure about his way of life. Both brothers are tested by these foreign places and geographies, discovering they can harbor more confinement than freedom. During these moments of separation, the already great distance between them grows even wider.

Production : ToïToï


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Je suis Espagnole (2023)

Je suis Espagnole is a play created by actress Nuria Chollet-Cotello exploring the silence about the Franco regime among Spanish families. Many people still today do not talk about this. Here is her description of the play:

“This is the story of a forgotten letter, at the bottom of a drawer… recovered while moving house 20 years later. It was written by a father whom, as a teenager, fled a defeated republican Spain and tried to survive in the Noman’s land he was put in by the French Republic: The concentration camp of Argelès-sur-mer.”

there’s a gap where we meet / where I end and you begin (2023)

A performative exploration of the text “Fragments d’un discours amoureux” by Roland Barthes. With texts by the ensemble.

A: I love you.

Waiting for an answer or for the presence of a beloved person – open in all directions – makes us have conversations with ourselves, doubt, drives us almost mad. Why do I desire this particular person? What does “I love you” mean? What does “I love you too” mean? And why can’t I stop thinking?

This play is dedicated to the longing for absolute closeness and the impossibility of fully grasping another person, and attempts to find a language: a language of love.

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In this play by Luca Vincenzi, I was a part of the performance. I had my dedicated corner in the huge warehouse of Verein Zitrone, in Manegg. From electronic to acoustic guitar, I accompanied the characters in their journey.

Bands and Musical Projects

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Moonchimes is an electro-acoustic project that I developped with Sylvain Wenger and Ashley Mareemootoo. It can take many forms, from producing tracks to live session.

Sometimes Moonchimes collaborates on Film and Video Games soundtracks.

SAC Trio

SAC Trio is a short Ambient project I put together in 2018 with Alexandre and Dimitri Tasev and Sylvain Wenger for an exhibition at La Fonderie Kugler in Geneva.

The idea was to mix Ambient textures with ta few more conventional instruments.

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Chango Monks

Chango Monks is a five musicians band. Jesse, Dennis, Daniel Mats and me. We play music that goes from hard rock and punk to psychedelic and trippy. Sometimes in one song. We play live and recorded an EP. An album is on the way.


hortus is a progressive worship and music band from Meyrin (Switzerland), formed in 2014 by Clément, Matthieu, Philip and Sylvain, joined in 2017 by Alexia. Founded on a shared love of God, music, pizza and a distinctive sense of humour, hortus composes its lyrical and musical poetry to build something fresh, something rich.

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